2020 Taiwan Biennial Official Webiste

Website Design, Taipei, Taiwan


Website Design


The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts



Web Design for the official website of the 2020 Taiwan Biennial Art Exhibition organized by the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts.


The website is bi-lingual, fully Accessible and W3c compliant. It has also passed level 2 Acunetix Security Audit vulnerability scan as being a part of the governmental infrastructure.

Treating “Sub-zoology” as its theme and the “Buddhist path of reincarnation into animals” as its entry point, along with its reference to the ten types of sentient beings in the Diamond Sutra, the 2020 Taiwan Biennial seeks to cogitate upon the long-term human plunderage and dominance over natural creatures as well as to reflect on how humans can co-exist with other sentient beings in the post-pandemic era from the angle of the mutation of viruses and their transmission between humans and animals, insofar as to echo and extend the ecological and environmental issues in the Anthropocene that have come under the spotlight at many international biennials.