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I evoke emotions with impactful visuals to close the gap between the brands and their audience.



Welcome! My name is Michelle Ma-Jackson, otherwise known as Modachick. A freelance web design consultant and video jockey (VJ Artist) with over 20 years of expertise and clients spanning the world. I have spent the majority of my web design career in the U.K. and am currently based in Taiwan's capital, Taipei.


My educational background includes Printing and Photography, as well as Industrial Design. Studying in Taiwan, France, and the United Kingdom has provided me with the tools to work with an array of international clients.


Prior to freelancing, I worked as a Brand Manager for Roberta di Camerino, an Italian fashion business, in Taipei, Taiwan. It piqued my curiosity about branding and web design consulting.

A creative, professional and trusted partner


I enjoy collaborating with independent brands and startups. Working with a diverse range of clients and assisting them in their growth has given me the most happiness at work and is what sets me apart as a web design consultant and video jockey.

A martial artist at heart

Outside of work, I enjoy martial arts. I primarily studied Shaolin Kung Fu and Krav Maga. I've also tried Muay Thai and Silat. Martial arts has given me discipline and perseverance, both of which I find highly beneficial in both my professional and personal life.

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