A creative, professional and trusted partner

Welcome! I am Michelle Ma-Jackson, a.k.a. modachick. I am a freelance Brand and Web Designer with 20 years of experience with clients from all over the world.

I have spent most of my career working in the UK. I moved back to my home country Taiwan in 2020; and am currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.

My educational background is in Printing & Photography, and Industrial Design. I have studied in Taiwan, France and UK.

Before freelancing, I had worked as a Brand Manager for the Far-East Division of Roberta di Camerino, an Italian Fashion house, in Taipei, Taiwan.

I love working with independent brands and startups. Working with a wide range of clients and helping them grow has been the utmost satisfaction in work and what I am most proud of.

Crafter & martial arts practitioner

I enjoy craft making in my own time, whether it be jewellery, crochet or modern calligraphy. I love the creative process, which is both therapeutic and inspiring.

Besides, I have a passion for martial arts and fitness. The biggest lesson I have learned from them is discipline and perseverance. Through rigorous and repetitive training, I was able to achieve things I would have never dreamed of. I find it extremely valuable and often apply this principle to my life and work.

I offer affordable branding and website packages to startups

from as low as £1,500!