Bespoke service to meet your needs

Each project is unique. Without thoroughly understanding your business and studying the target audience, a pretty logo can merely scratch the surface.

To better cater for your needs, a methodology is followed to help discover, define and develop the brief to maximise the impact of your brand.

Design is a collaborative process. I will ensure your involvement and voice are acknowledged at every stage of the project.

process-meetup icon.png

1. First, let’s get to know each other a little. We could chat over the phone, meet for a coffee or on Skype. Just as much as you want to know more about what I can do for you, I’d like to find out more about your brand. I’d like to hear the story behind the brand, understand your vision and your customers.


At our initial meeting, we will also talk about the scope of the project, timelines and budget.

process-research icon.png

2. Research is crucial. I will spend a great deal of time researching the competitors, any benchmark brands and the target audience. Using what I collated, I will create a mood board and define the direction and the tone of voice of your brand with you.

process-concept icon.png

3. To explore creative boundaries and sketch ideas, this is an experimental stage. I will make trial runs and mock-ups then narrow down the options. I will then sit down with you to discuss the concepts that are drafted out for you.

process-design icon.png

4. After getting the feedback, I will begin to sculpt and refine the design. I will make sure every touchpoint is thoroughly considered and executed from the web to print, and from the largest to the smallest scales.

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5. Signed, sealed and delivered. I will ensure all the elements of the project are handed over to you and guide you through the usage of each of them. You will then be ready to grow your brand with these tools.

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