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Cha Gui Cha

identity and packaging design that bridge the past and the present fora Chinese tea merchant


Branding, Packaging Design


Cha Gui Cha



Cha Gui Cha is a Chinese tea merchant established in Shanghai in the 1930’s when Shanghai was under heavy Western influence.

They approached me because they felt the need to modernise their brand identity and the packaging design in order to meet the taste of the younger clientele and the western tourists.

My approach was to combine the new and the old.

The new is in the brand identity. The name ‘Cha Gui Cha’ is a play on words, meaning ‘tea is tea’. The concept is to give the brand identity a playful spirit to match its name. The logo is the combination of the drawing of a tea leaf and the word ‘tea’ in Chinese placed in the middle of the leaf.


The old is in the packaging design to contrast the young and playful identity. The concept of the packaging design was drawn from the romantic and nostalgic period of the old Shanghai in the 1930s. The colours and the elements found on the packaging are inspired by the fashion and interior design of the period.

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