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Orientation LLC



Orientation LLC logo design by modachick

Amidst the rapid technological advancements of the 21st century, it is disheartening to acknowledge that worker exploitation and modern slavery persist. It was a profound privilege to contribute to this impactful project aimed at enhancing Orientation's brand and website.


Orientation is a socially conscious consultancy that offers specialized expertise in due diligence, amplifying worker voices, and championing human rights within the global supply chain.

Orientation LLC brand identity design by modachick

The core of our brand identity revolves around the symbolism of a trinity. The logo design embodies the synergy of three stylized human figures coming together. In mathematics, physics, and various religions, the number three signifies not only stability and harmony but also a sense of divinity. In the context of Orientation, this concept mirrors their pivotal role as intermediaries bridging the gap between workers and corporations, fostering equilibrium and fairness.

Orientation LLC website design by modachick

The website is meticulously crafted to be responsive and SEO-friendly, ensuring accessibility and discoverability. It functions as an informative brochure-style platform, designed to facilitate easy discovery on search engines while offering a wealth of valuable research and papers, catering to the needs of both workers and corporations.

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